Accessorizing Your Granite Bathroom Vanity

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If you just had a new granite bathroom vanity installed in your Brooklyn Park home, you are probably pretty excited about accessorizing and decorating your new countertops. So here are a few of our favorite decorating ideas and suggestions.


Mirrors are an excellent focal point for a bathroom, especially one with a new granite bathroom vanity! Try to choose one that is both functional and beautiful. You could go to a big store to find one, or you could look around at thrift and second-hand stores in your area. If your bathroom is on the small size, try to hang up the largest mirror that will fit in the available space. This can make your bathroom look bigger.

Towel Bars

You could go with the traditional one towel bar – enough for two towels. Or, if you have a larger family and the space in your bathroom, you could opt for two or even three towel bars. That way, there is enough space for everyone’s towel. And for your hand towels, install a bar near your granite bathroom vanity. That way, when you wash your hands, a dry towel isn’t far away!

Decorative Containers

If you have a lot of small items you use on a regular basis, like bobby pins or cotton swabs, find small decorative containers to store them in. These can serve a dual purpose. They will store your items so they are easy to find, and they will also add more eye-pleasing details to your new bathroom and granite bathroom vanity.


Also depending on the size of your bathroom, you could add some shelves to it. The shelves can be used to store extra towels or other supplies. Or you can simply use them to display decorative items. Some people even use them to store books and magazines for bathroom reading! Adding a shelf near your new granite bathroom vanity can help you utilize the space around it.

Trash Can

If there is space under your new granite bathroom vanity, store a small trash can there. But if there isn’t enough space, find a trash can that matches your bathroom’s décor.

Rugs and Shower Curtain

Try to color coordinate your bathroom rugs and shower curtain. Not only do they serve the purpose of keeping your floor dry, but they can also add yet another aesthetic touch to your new bathroom and granite bathroom vanity.

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