Are You Happy with Minneapolis Granite?

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We here at Minneapolis Granite take a lot of pride in our workmanship and in our customer service. We take great care to treat every customer right, and we abide by The Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

Did you know that the best marketing tools aren’t newspaper ads, TV commercials or glossy magazine spreads? Nope! The best marketing tool on the planet is word of mouth. That is the main way businesses get customers. If a friend of yours has a good experience with a company, that friend will tell you and a few others. From there, it can snowball into more and more people finding out about the business and the services or products it provides and then hiring that business to do the job that needs done.

And that is how Minneapolis Granite gets a lot of our business as well. We rely on the kindness of our customers to spread the word around about us, the quality of work we produce, how friendly and helpful our staff members are and how happy you are with the work we did for you.

So we would like to take this time to ask a small favor of you. If you had a good experience working with Minneapolis Granite, we would love it if you could tell others about it! We have a few different online directories we are a part of, and you can quickly and easily add a review of our business. Posting a review is the closest thing to word-of-mouth you can find online. Willing to help out? Here are two links to help you get started:

Minneapolis Granite’s Google+ page

Minneapolis Granite’s MerchantCircle page

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a positive review of our company, our services and the people who work for us!

And for all of your granite, quartz, limestone, agate, slate, travertine and marble fabrication and installation needs, call us today at (612) 822-3135, or request a free estimate online!

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