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Quartz Countertops Endure the Test of Time

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Quartz countertops enhance the aesthetic of any kitchen that they could be placed in. They can be utilized as a means to make many different types of cabinetry, or any other sort of accenting or accessory pieces jump out. Minneapolis Granite fabricates and installs these quartz countertops in Plymouth and nearby kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertainment areas. Nearby residents have acquired these fine quartz countertops from us and we have plenty more! We would love for you to join our list of satisfied customers!

Quartz countertops are low maintenance countertops. Sealing is not something you will need to worry about, even upon installation. Quartz countertops do not fall prey to stains (be sure to wipe up as they spilling occurs, of course). Since they are made of engineered stone, the flaws within the stones themselves can be eliminated during the manufacturing process. All cracking susceptibility is eliminated at this point also.

No two quartz countertops will ever be exactly the same. Each is its own unique work of art unto itself, the patterns emerging within the fabrication process. You are guaranteed a timeless look without a twin, no matter what color of slab you end up choosing. Fabrication—93 % quartz, 7% chemical blend—makes for a very durable material that will form your countertops, defying time and blemish for many years to come. It is a great choice for families or for those people who like to spend a lot of time in their kitchen. Quartz countertops are so gritty that they could even endure being used as a cutting board! You will not really have to worry about what you place on top of these countertops either. There is no need to overly concern yourself with what you put on top of them either!

You can think outside of the box with quartz countertops. They are by no means restricted to the kitchen. Put quartz countertops to use in any room for any purpose! Bathrooms, bar tops, outdoor coffee tables, home theater arm rests, you name it, it can be made to act as any surface you need it to! With colors and styles that add up to an endless selection, why not act now?

If you have interest in acquiring quartz countertops for your Plymouth or nearby home, give us a call at Minneapolis Granite at (612) 822-3135, or contact us online. Click here to get a free estimate online.

The Proper Cleaning of the Bathroom Vanity

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So you just had a new bathroom vanity installed in your St Paul area home. The novelty has not yet worn off and you find that you keep thinking about how to keep them looking this fresh and new for as long as you have them. The type of care your new bathroom vanity calls for is dependent upon the type of stone it’s made out of. Follow the suggestions found under each stone type mentioned below to learn how to care for that bathroom vanity as installed by the professionals at Minneapolis Granite!


Granite is a wonderful choice for the bathroom vanity thanks to its durability, its graceful look and its resistance to heat, burns and bacteria. To keep these granite vanities looking their best, wipe them down with a soft cloth and a little warm water every day. When a spill goes down, do the right and normal thing by wiping it up as soon as it occurs—especially if that which has spilt be a liquid of a darker color than the granite or if it is of an acidic nature. All of the granite that we provide is sealed during the fabrication process. As such, it is likely that you may never have to have that bathroom vanity sealed again (sometimes sealing comes down to the type of granite you are purchasing). If you are left unsure, try this simple test. Put a drop of water on top of your vanity. If the drop beads and stays until you wipe it away, your vanity does not need to be resealed. If that very same droplet absorbed into the countertop, then you will need to have the granite resealed. A resealing, if your counter falls in the category of needing it, should not be needed until a few years after it’s been installed.


Marble is thought of as a soft stone, certainly more so than granite. It certainly does make for a handsome bathroom vanity surface. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean it on a daily basis, also like its granite counterpart. Once wiped admirably with warm water, dry it off as efficiently as is possible. While there are some higher end cleaners available on the market that are designed specifically for marble, only go here if you feel that the suggestions above somehow do not cover your needs. Be ultra-careful in the application of these cleaners, following the instructions to a ‘T’. Before you make a direct application with a marble-specific cleaner, test it on a hidden or harmless area of the bathroom vanity.

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Kick it in Your Kitchen With Granite Kitchen Countertops

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We here at Minneapolis Granite would like to share with you some of the great things about granite in general as well as granite kitchen countertops for your Edina home. Edina and local denizens are fully aware that we are one of the area’s top choices for granite kitchen countertops. As such, we would like to share some insight into what makes this rock such a great choice for countertops in your home. Here are some exciting fun facts about granite.

  • The second hardest stone on earth, granite is nearly as hard as diamonds on the Moh’s Scale.
  • Many believe that granite is unbreakable, if not indestructible. Not true. Granite can certainly be cracked or chipped if hit by an object that is heavy enough to alter it. Always be mindful of heavy objects that can “fall” one way or another in and around your granite kitchen countertops.
  • Resistant to heat and scratching, your granite kitchen countertops can take some level of a beating and be none the worse for wear. Nonetheless, it is highly advisable that you use a cutting board, largely to spare your knives (and not really your granite kitchen countertops).
  • Granite is found throughout the world, It is a prominent presence in Brazil, India and the United States.
  • Rock climbers love granite! It’s the rock they climb!
  • Granite is great for kitchen countertops in Edina and beyond, thanks to its overwhelming durability. Busy families no longer need concern themselves with having to be too careful around their granite kitchen countertops so long as the proper time is taken to clean, maintain and reseal it on a schedule.
  • Reseal your granite kitchen countertops roughly every 12 to 18 months to enable them to stay as lovely as the day that they were installed in your home.
  • Radon does exist in granite, but it comes in such small trace amounts that it will not emerge as a problem as it does from the ground through your basement or lower level to infiltrate the rest of your home.
  • Granite kitchen countertops emerge in a vast array of colors and patterns, ideal to match any home’s décor.

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Fancy Up Your Granite Countertops With Like Items

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It appears you just had some granite countertops installed in your home. You wonder what you can do to make them even more pleasing to the eye. One way to go is by accessorizing them. Enjoy the following suggestions to fancy up your granite countertops!

Your new granite countertops call for new kitchenware in general. When you head out to grab accessory items, be mindful of the color scheme of your granite countertops, the cabinets as well as the walls (with any luck you chose to match your new countertops with existing or remaining cabinetry and walls). It is within your best interest to do so, after all, you just had them installed. If you are in possession of light countertops but dark cabinetry, go with neutral colors, those lying somewhere in between the two shades. Don’t hesitate to be bold. Brighter hues can create a “pop” factor that allows them to stand out amongst the more extreme (as per ends of the spectrum) color shades of your stationary kitchen items. Granite countertops tend to run the gamut as per color scheme and/or palette. You can take this in any direction you please. Go wild, stay conservative, the choice is yours!

Objects utilized within the kitchen for similar usage should always be grouped together. If you have a mason jar filled with all of your sugar packets keep them right beside your beer stein containing the sugar substitute, keep the knife block right beside your cutting board. Identify something of a set-up that you would like to have in place for these items—where they will be placed, what items will be placed with what other items—that serves the dual purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy access to them.

Don’t forget! Your walls are still there and they should not be neglected. Look for wall signs or pictures place around your kitchen. You could take this in so many directions, going with a theme or a hodge-podge cacophony of mismatched but similarly colorized items. Depending upon the edge type you had your slab cut into, you can go with “sharper” looking items and décor to match pointed edges or circular, motion based items should edges be rounded.

For more information on granite countertops in Eagan, call Minneapolis Granite at 952-746-4690 or contact us and Request a Free Quote.

You’re So Vain, as is Your New Bathroom Vanity

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In recent years, the bathroom has become an extension of the regal elegance displayed throughout any home. A room once deemed as functional only has gotten an overall upgrade—so much more than just the room where the sink, tub/shower, and toilet are located—many being spacious enough to facilitate a tranquil and relaxing place to seek solitude.

Many homeowners have opted to install natural products like granite bathroom vanities in their Burnsville homes. A vanity must illustrate the overall vibe of your intended bathroom look while still serving as a functional space. It should not drown out the other aspects of the bathroom. It should however look good enough to earn its rightful place among the rest of the decorous elements.

Be mindful of the following with regard to your granite bathroom vanity:

  • Whose bathroom will it be? A family or shared bathroom? If so, a basic vanity suffices. In a family or child’s bathroom, aim for a vanity that can take a beating, is easy to clean and allows for room. Aim for something like a dual sink for a family bathroom or master bath.
  • Does it fit the space? If you have fallen for a particular granite bathroom vanity piece it does not necessarily mean that you will acquire the entire slab for this purpose. If you are certain that is the piece for your bathroom vanity, talk to one of the professionals in our showroom and ask what they recommend to get it best set up for your bathroom of choice.
  • Bathroom vanities are extensions of the cabinets themselves. Bathroom vanities—often utilized as the prime location for the application and usage of makeup, hair and skin products, styling irons and damp cloths—take a beating. A material such as granite is a great choice for being able to sustain such treatment. Just wipe the stains away!
  • Natural materials such as granite or marble need to be resealed from time to time in order to look great. The variety of activities that occur in the bathroom will cause a bathroom vanity to lose its elegance and clean look. Make sure you stay on top of sealings as they are needed. This will maintain your granite bathroom vanity for decades to come.

Selecting bathroom vanities is one of the more enjoyable shopping trips you can make in honor of your home. There are many material choices, a veritable bevy of colors and a virtually limitless list of design choices.

Looking to have a granite bathroom vanity installed in your Burnsville area home? Give us a call today at 612-822-3135 or contact us online.