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Granite: To Seal or Not to Seal

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You just purchased some granite countertops for the kitchen in your St Paul home. You have heard all sorts of rumors about granite countertops and their need to be resealed every so often. It’s in your head now so you begin to wonder. You have family, friends and neighbors who have granite countertops in their homes, you have asked so many of them whether they have theirs resealed or not. Mom says yes, best friends says no. What should you do?

Most manufacturers of granite countertop slabs seal the granite before it is fashioned into what it will ultimately be used for. One type of granite may be more porous than another type of granite. A general thought amongst proprietors in the industry is that sealing will not have to occur on a regular schedule.

Indicators emerge when resealing is called for, however. Keep an eye out for water beading—if it ceases or no longer happens—it is likely that a resealing is needed. Another widely spotted reason to have your granite counters resealed is if you place a glass upon it and a water ring is left behind. These are the two most blatant gauges of requisite resealing.

A little effort can go a long way though. Maintain and clean your granite counters frequently, taking care of spills or stains as they occur. If a spill occurs—even if it is just water—sop it up right away. Potential staining type spills or other such messes will help prevent some headache, money and difficulty down the road.

Other things that may concern you regarding your granite counters needn’t. Granite is heat resistant, place any super-hot pan or pot just off of the stove and no damage is done.

It all boils down to the type of granite you purchase—some types will never once require a resealing. Some will. Nonetheless, all of the fabricated granite from Minneapolis Granite is sealed during that very process, at the very least.

Always remember the simple water test. If it beads, no worries. If beading no longer occurs, your granite counters need to be resealed—this being a sign that the water is being absorbed into the counters themselves.

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The Right Granite Kitchen Counter

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Your granite kitchen counter must be the right and proper one for your home. A major bonus of choosing a granite kitchen counter is the ability to customize. There is quite a bit of flexibility in the color palette—black, white and all in between. The chance to match your home décor or starting from scratch with a whole new scheme are options for you. Browse our granite color selection online to start assembling a plan. In this blog, we’re going to try to help get your creative juices flowing.

Black Granite Countertops

Black countertops are both classic and dramatic. Easy to design a style around, a black kitchen counter gives you the opportunity to be bold with the other color schemes unfolding already within your home. Vibrant color combinations can help lighten the space, and show off your inner interior designer skills.

White Granite Countertops

A white granite kitchen counter is the obvious stark contrast to a black one. It reflects light, allowing for a brighter space. You can go for a contrasting look with white countertops, adding dark cabinets and other darker enhancements. Worried about stains on white countertops? No need! With the right care and sealing, nothing will set in to your new granite kitchen countertop.

Everything In Between

There is an huge selection in color and pattern. We boast reds, oranges, purples, beiges, greens, grays and blends of these color patterns. If you are a stylish sort, we have the color to match. Conservative styled? There is an option for you as well. Come over to our showroom to browse all of our color options.


A granite kitchen counter is known for its looks. No two slabs of granite are exactly alike, so you are guaranteed to have a unique look in your kitchen when you have a granite kitchen counter installed. The granite may be the same color as your parent’s granite kitchen counter, but they will not look alike at all!

Suggestions on choosing the right color or pattern:

  • Should you possess cabinets in a neutral shade like medium brown, look at beige, gray or white granite.
  • Are your cabinets cherry wood? It is advisable to seek Uba Tuba, Verde Peacock and Typhoon Bordeaux.
  • If your cabinets will be more of a dark brown shade, definitely look at granite kitchen counters that are more of a green shade.
  • Oak in a medium to light brown shade? Go for a contrast in color for an eye-popping look. Try Tan Brown or Silver.

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Weather Considerations for your Outdoor Granite Countertops

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Are you looking to add some fancy to your outdoor grilling or entertainment area? Granite countertops step up the level of class in any kitchen, indoors or outdoors. They add a nature-inspired feel and a heightened level of elegance to the outdoor leisure areas.

There are some things to consider regarding your granite countertops placed within the great outdoors. While they do withstand heat and harsh weather well, it is not ideal to have them placed in areas exposed to sunlight. The surface temperatures of your granite countertops, in a sun-exposed scenario, will be very hot to the touch during the summer. Consider, if already existing, some sort of covering from above (awning, pergola or umbrella) to minimize their exposure to sunlight. If you are having new granite countertops installed, think of a set-up that will make for minimal sun exposure.

Distant covers will keep outdoor granite countertops in the shade, but it may be worth considering more direct covering (right on the surface) to prevent early onset weathering.  The effects of rain, hail, sun and other nuisances are accumulatory, over time the damage adds up to a gradual wear-down of the surface. The amount of time it takes your outdoor granite countertops to show signs of weathering is dependent upon the level of quality stone they are made of. The overall glean and polish of your granite countertops at purchase time will fade as they operate outdoors. Sealing does not protect the aesthetic (only defending the level of absorbency the countertop takes in). A resurfacing is all that would be needed to return your granite countertops to their original luster.

During the cold months of the year, minimize your granite countertops exposure to snow and other sorts of frozen precipitation. The annual cycle of freeze and thaw wreaks havoc on just about anything left outdoors. While granite countertops are not necessarily affected, if they are cut to fit items within them—grills or sinks—those items may go through a contraction and expansion process.

As a rule of thumb, operating under the expectation that any item of cost or value meant for use or permanent placement in an outdoor setting will go through wear-and-tear. It is worth considering the purchase of a thicker cut for your outdoor granite countertops. As the appearance begins to suffer, you will want to consider a resurfacing to bring out the look of your granite countertops at purchase and installation.

If you are considering outdoor granite countertops it may be within your interest to speak with one of our salesmen who can provide pointers on how to treat, set up and care for your new items. Are you interested in learning even more about granite countertops for your Brooklyn Park and/or Twin Cities area home? Call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

How to Care for Granite Vanity Tops

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Minneapolis Granite specializes in fabricating and installing granite vanity tops in St Paul and the entire Twin Cities area. We know you want your new granite vanity to look great for as long as possible, so we wanted to offer a few suggestions on how to maintain and care for granite vanity tops and countertops.

The only cleaner you need for granite vanity tops is warm water. You can use water to clean your vanity, and you can use a soft white cloth to dry it off. That’s it! You will not need to buy a special cleaning product or disinfectant, and you will not have to worry about buying a special sponge or cloth for your new vanity either. You should also keep in mind that spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, and you should consider using a tray on top of any granite vanity tops that will store perfume, make-up and other similar items and toiletries. That way, if any of the bottles leak, your granite is protected and won’t get damaged.

You should keep in mind that granite is heat and burn resistant. That means the granite will not instantly burn and become damaged if something hot is placed on it, but it also means that the hot item cannot sit on the granite for a long period of time. You should use a hot pad under hot items, and make sure to turn off any hot appliances if you aren’t using them (for example, a straightening iron, hair dryer or curling iron).

Granite vanity tops are also not a good place to do art projects, so ask your family members to not use paint or glue around them. The paint and glue could damage the granite’s finish and dull the surface. The same rule applies even if newspaper or towels are laid down on top of the granite first. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are just a few of our helpful suggestions on how to get the most out of granite vanity tops. Just keep these tips in mind and your granite vanity could last you for decades to come, if not longer!

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Three Benefits of Granite Kitchen Countertops

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granite kitchen countertops eagan minneapolis graniteWhen you are remodeling your kitchen, there are plenty of decisions that need to be made. Are you just going to apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls and have your cabinets refinished? Or are you going to have new countertops and cabinets installed, not to mention new flooring and appliances? If you are thinking about new countertops, we highly recommend granite kitchen countertops. Eagan homeowners love granite for several different reasons, and here are a few of the reasons we hear about the most.

Benefit 1: Granite has become synonymous with elegance, so it is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your new kitchen. With this sense of luxury, however, you do not have to sacrifice quality and durability. Granite is one of the strongest natural stones on the planet, so granite kitchen countertops can handle just about anything. You can cut food directly on your granite counters, but we do not recommend doing this because you could damage your knife!

Benefit 2: Granite kitchen countertops are also amazing simply because they come in such a huge variety of colors and styles. Finding the perfect slab of granite to complement your home and your own personal style will be incredibly easy. Granite is found in shades of white, cream, gray, black and just about every shade and color in between. If you are looking for a unique countertop material for your kitchen, again, you can’t go wrong with granite. No two slabs are exactly alike, so you will not have to worry that your new counters look exactly like your neighbor’s.

Benefit 3: If you are going for functionality over looks, granite kitchen countertops are still your best bet. Granite is incredibly easy to care for, and it is burn, chip, heat and stain resistant. It is also practical for kitchens because it is bacteria resistant. Worrying about buying a special cleaner or disinfectant for your kitchen counters will be a thing of the past! Just wipe them with water and a soft cloth and your clean up is done. Your granite kitchen countertops will be sealed as part of our fabrication process and, chances are, you will not have to ever worried about having them resealed either.

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