Caring for Your New Quartz Countertops

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rausch-granite-countertops-free-estimatesIf you just had new quartz countertops installed at your Edina home, then you might be wondering how to keep them clean and looking their best. We have a few suggestions on how to make sure your new counters look great for many years to come.

For daily cleaning of your quartz countertops, all you need is warm water and a soft, clean, dry white cloth. If you want to use a cleaner on your quartz counters, just be sure that you use something that is non-abrasive and does not contain bleach.

If for some reason your quartz countertops have a stain on them, you can use a product like Formula 409 on it. Just be sure to test a small and inconspicuous area of your quartz counters before you use it all over. That way, if there is a problem, only a small piece of your countertops will be affected, not the entire thing.

When you need to place something hot on your new quartz countertops, be sure to use a hot pad or trivet. While quartz counters are heat resistant, they are not heat proof. Using a trivet or hot pad ensures that your countertops will be protected and will not get burned and/or discolored from the heat.

The same goes for cutting fruits, veggies, meat and other food items on them. Be sure to use a cutting board. Quartz is scratch and chip resistant, but that does not guarantee they will never get scratched or chipped. You can help prevent these problems by using a cutting board.

When selecting a cleaning product for your new quartz countertops, avoid using bleach, ammonia, oven cleaners, anything that is abrasive or wax.

Finally, make sure everyone in your family knows they are not to use paint, glue or permanent markers on or near your new quartz countertops, even if they lay down newspaper or another protective covering over the counters.

These are just a few ways you can keep your quartz countertops looking their best. We can give you even more suggestions after we’re done installing them.

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