Choosing the Color of Your Granite Countertops

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A huge advantage of choosing granite countertops is the ability to customize them in multiple ways. You have a lot of flexibility in the color you choose. We have black, white and everything in between. You have the opportunity to match your current home decor, or start a whole new theme. You can browse our granite color selection online and start gathering ideas. In this blog, we’re going to try to help get your creative juices flowing.

Black Granite Countertops

Black is the new black. Black countertops are dramatic, but classic. They are easy to design a style around. Black countertops give you the opportunity to be very bold with the other colors around your home, in contrast. Vibrant color combinations can help lighten up the space, as well as show off a little bit of your personal flair

White Granite Countertops

If you feel that black countertops will be too dark, white is the complete opposite. Because it reflects light, you’ll have a brighter space. It is also fun to do a contrasting look with white countertops, adding dark cabinets and other features. If you’re worried about stains on white countertops, don’t be! With proper care and sealing, you won’t have to be concerned about anything setting into your new countertops.

Everything In Between

We have such a large range of colors, you’d be amazed. We have red, orange, purple, beige, green, gray and combinations of them. If you have a funky style, we’ve got a color to match. If you have a more conservative style, there is sure to be an option for you as well. Don’t be shy! Come to our showroom to browse all of our color options.

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