Fancy Up Your Granite Countertops With Like Items

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It appears you just had some granite countertops installed in your home. You wonder what you can do to make them even more pleasing to the eye. One way to go is by accessorizing them. Enjoy the following suggestions to fancy up your granite countertops!

Your new granite countertops call for new kitchenware in general. When you head out to grab accessory items, be mindful of the color scheme of your granite countertops, the cabinets as well as the walls (with any luck you chose to match your new countertops with existing or remaining cabinetry and walls). It is within your best interest to do so, after all, you just had them installed. If you are in possession of light countertops but dark cabinetry, go with neutral colors, those lying somewhere in between the two shades. Don’t hesitate to be bold. Brighter hues can create a “pop” factor that allows them to stand out amongst the more extreme (as per ends of the spectrum) color shades of your stationary kitchen items. Granite countertops tend to run the gamut as per color scheme and/or palette. You can take this in any direction you please. Go wild, stay conservative, the choice is yours!

Objects utilized within the kitchen for similar usage should always be grouped together. If you have a mason jar filled with all of your sugar packets keep them right beside your beer stein containing the sugar substitute, keep the knife block right beside your cutting board. Identify something of a set-up that you would like to have in place for these items—where they will be placed, what items will be placed with what other items—that serves the dual purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy access to them.

Don’t forget! Your walls are still there and they should not be neglected. Look for wall signs or pictures place around your kitchen. You could take this in so many directions, going with a theme or a hodge-podge cacophony of mismatched but similarly colorized items. Depending upon the edge type you had your slab cut into, you can go with “sharper” looking items and décor to match pointed edges or circular, motion based items should edges be rounded.

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