FAQs about Granite Countertops

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As a company that specializes in fabricating and installing granite countertops in St Paul, Minneapolis Granite has fielded many questions about these lovely countertops through the years. Here are a few of the ones we hear the most often and our responses to them.

Q: What should I keep in mind when I’m looking to buy new granite countertops?

A: You should definitely look at the actual slabs of granite in our showroom. You should not rely on small samples because each slab of granite is unique. So the sample you see may not match the actual slab you get. That’s why we invite our customers to select the slab for their new granite countertops at our showroom on Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis. That way, you know exactly what color and pattern you are getting.

Q: I’ve heard that granite countertops produce radon. Is this true, and is it a threat to my family’s health and well-being?

A: This is a common myth about granite countertops. But granite is a nonporous stone, so that means it will not absorb liquids, gases or any materials like that. So granite countertops will not bring radon into your home. Radon usually enters your home through small cracks and openings in your home’s foundation.

Q: How often should I have my new counters resealed?

A: Depending on the type of granite you select for your granite countertops, it might not ever need to be resealed. We will seal all of the granite we fabricate and install, but after that, you probably will not ever need to worry about it again. But if you are concerned about whether or not your granite needs to be resealed, there is a simple test you can do. Put a drop of water on your counters. If it does not bead up, then the granite probably needs to be resealed.

Q: What should I do on a regular basis to make sure my new counters continue to look good?

A: The only things you need to do on a regular basis are wipe them down with some water and a soft cloth (and a mild, non-abrasive soap if you so choose) and clean up spills as soon as possible after they happen. You don’t even need to disinfect them: granite countertops are naturally bacteria-resistant.

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