Frequently Asked Questions about Granite Care

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At Minneapolis Granite, we are often asked the same questions about granite and granite care. And as one of the best and most trusted fabricators and installers of granite in the Twin Cities, we thought we would take the time to address some of these questions.

Q: Is staining or sealing granite a necessity? If so, when should I do it?

A: A natural characteristic of granite is its low moisture absorption rate, so most types of granite do not need to be stained. When we fabricate and install your granite countertops, we will apply a sealant, which is simply an extra protective measure. You should not need a sealant in the future, but if you choose to put one on your granite countertops, it will not take a lot of time.

Q: Is granite resistant to chips, bacteria and scratches?

A: Yes. For bacteria resistance, it rates lower than stainless steel and that’s it! Granite is also one of the hardest stones on the planet, which makes it very difficult to scratch or chip. In order to scratch or chip this natural stone, you would have to use excessive force, like hitting it with a hammer.

Q: Is granite easy to care for? How do I clean up spills when they occur?

A: Yes. All you need to do to care for granite on a regular basis is to wipe it with a mix of warm water and mild soap. You can also use an ammonia-free window cleaner if you so choose. If you spill something on your granite countertops, simply blot it up as soon as possible after you notice the spill with a paper towel. If the liquid stains your countertops (which will be rare because granite does not stain easily), you should flush the area with a combination of plain water and mild soap. Dry the area with a soft towel and repeat if necessary.

Q: Why should I choose granite over synthetic countertop materials?

A: While synthetic materials have their advantages, granite is far superior when it comes to resisting bacteria, stains, heat, scratches and more. Granite performs better overall as a countertop material.

Q: What type of cleaners should I avoid using on granite?

A: Do not use cleaners that contain acid. And after you are done cleaning your granite countertops, be sure to rinse and dry the surface completely after you are done.

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