Granite Care

Minneapolis Granite – Minnesota

Granite is one of the best materials for countertops and other uses throughout your home. Taking care of it is quite easy. Just follow these basic guidelines to keep your granite looking as good as the day it was installed.

Minneapolis Granite – Minneapolis
Granite Care
  • Because granite is one of the hardest stones in the world (other than diamonds), it is almost impossible to scratch it. And nowadays, there are more color and pattern selections than ever before!
  • Less than 20% of granite needs to be sealed to prevent stains; it just depends on the type you purchase. If sealing is necessary, it will be done before we install your granite countertops. You can also do it yourself about once a year if you would like the additional peace of mind. It is a relatively simple process that will not take long to complete.
  • One of the main reasons granite is such a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom counters is because it is heat resistant. This means you can put hot plates, pans and other items directly on the granite counters without worrying about heat or burn damage.
  • Cleaning granite is easy! All it takes is mild soap and hot water. Just make sure the soap is phosphate-free and doesn’t contain any aromatics. Then make sure you thoroughly rinse the counters with hot water and dry them with a cotton-flannel or chamois cloth.
  • And you don’t need to worry about applying any antibacterial cleaner. Granite is also bacteria resistant. So when you are done preparing your food, just wipe the surface down and you’re done!
  • Speaking of food prep, you can also cut on granite countertops. The only thing you risk damaging is your knife blade.

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