Let’s Take this Outside: Granite Kitchen Countertops for Your Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens

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Summer is in full swing. And, you have likely been enjoying backyard picnics and relaxing evenings outdoors. Have you been daydreaming of a beautiful outdoor kitchen of your very own? Outdoor kitchens offer added space for cooking and entertaining and a beautiful place to host moonlit dinners. It is essential, however, that you choose quality materials to ensure that your outdoor kitchen lasts and looks great for years to come. Granite makes the ideal material for on outdoor kitchen countertop. It is scratch resistant and nearly nonporous, making it quite water resistant. That’s why we here at Minneapolis Granite would like to share with you some of the great things about granite in general as well as what makes granite counters ideal for Eagan kitchens; both indoor and outdoor.

granite counters
  • Granite counters are durable. Being nonporous, they are stain, heat and scratch resistant. They are also bacteria resistant making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.
  • When installed by professionals and regularly cared for, granite countertops and their beauty can last for decades. Reseal your granite kitchen countertops roughly every 12 to 18 months and they can stay as lovely as the day they were installed for years to come.
  • Granite countertops are made up of various minerals, adding depth and character to each individual slab. And, since no two slabs of granite are alike, you can rest assured that you won’t see your same granite counters installed at your neighbor’s home.
  • Granite counters come in a vast array of colors and patterns, ideal to match any home’s indoor or outdoor décor. When you stop by our showroom just bring along a sample of the cabinets you’re having installed, your paint swatches, etc. and our experts can help you find the perfect slab of granite to complement them.
  • Granite counters are a great way to add value to your home. And, if you install them in your outdoor kitchen, you are adding even more counter space and room for entertaining. This can enhance your home and make it even more competitive on the market.
  • With granite counters from Minneapolis Granite, you can rest assured your kitchen is made from the very best in quality granite. Your indoor or outdoor kitchen will be truly impressive.

As a trusted name in granite counters for many years, Minneapolis Granite has helped countless homeowners get the dream countertops they want. So, when you’re ready to learn first-hand the many benefits of granite counters for your Eagan home, call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.

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