Granite in Eden Prairie – Not Just for Countertops

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When you think of granite, you probably think of granite countertops. Eden Prairie homes and businesses are all the more stylish when they feature granite countertops, especially when Minneapolis Granite fabricates and installs them! But did you know granite can be used for other things besides granite countertops?

For example, when you see an outdoor sculpture in and around Eden Prairie, chances are it is made of granite. Tombstones, curbstones, building stones and architectural trim are also all made of granite.

But, in the end, the most popular use is definitely granite countertops. And it is easy to understand why that is. Granite countertops are the perfect complement to any Eden Prairie home. Granite countertops are durable, timeless, elegant, long-lasting and really deliver the best bang for a homeowner’s buck. Plus, getting them fabricated and installed by a company like Minneapolis Granite is actually a very easy process.

When a company like Minneapolis Granite takes care of your granite countertops, you’re dealing with a team of experts. After all, the company has been in this line of business for more than 100 years. If they were not good at what they do with granite countertops, there is no way they would be in business since 1906!

Other ways granite is used in Eden Prairie homes: bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, bathroom basins or sinks, desk tops, table tops, bar tops, fireplace mantles… really, the list goes on and on.

Granite countertops also seem to grow more and more in popularity every year. We are willing to bet most of your Eden Prairie friends and neighbors have granite countertops in their homes.

And when you are ready to have granite countertops fabricated and installed in your Eden Prairie home, give us a call here at Minneapolis Granite at (612) 822-3135 or contact us online and get a free estimate.

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