Granite Kitchen Countertop Color Options

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Are you ready for a kitchen countertop upgrade? Natural stone options are a popular choice for homes all around the Twin Cities. If you live locally, in Apple Valley, Eagan or Minneapolis, granite kitchen countertops  are commonly used in homes all around you. Homeowners are choosing to upgrade to granite every day. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the color options available to you when you choose granite for your new countertops.

White Kitchen Countertops
White granite kitchen countertops can be breathtaking. They’re a traditional option sure to brighten your home. White granite countertops will reflect light, so on sunny days you’ll be able to notice the gleam. Do to the flexibility of white, you can choose contrasting colors or stick to a white, cream and beige theme for your kitchen. Don’t worry about getting these countertops dirty. With the proper sealant, they’ll glow for years to come.

Black Kitchen Countertops
Black never goes out of style. It’s classily elegant, but edgy at the same time. Its sharp contrast is unmatched by other color option. You can pair a set of black kitchen countertops with white or other lighter colored cabinets for a modern design. Black countertops really give you the opportunity to get creative with the rest of your kitchen decor. If you don’t want your kitchen to look dull or lifeless, add a splash of color around the rest of the space.

The Rest of the Spectrum
Granite is an unique stone, in that it’s mineral composition changes from slab to slab. From brown to green to blue and many colors in between, you can be assured your new granite kitchen countertops will be anything but bland. No two slabs are alike! With an array of color options that span the spectrum, there’s sure to be an option that will work will for you. You won’t have to compromise or change the color theme in your home.

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