Granite: To Seal or Not to Seal

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You just purchased some granite countertops for the kitchen in your St Paul home. You have heard all sorts of rumors about granite countertops and their need to be resealed every so often. It’s in your head now so you begin to wonder. You have family, friends and neighbors who have granite countertops in their homes, you have asked so many of them whether they have theirs resealed or not. Mom says yes, best friends says no. What should you do?

Most manufacturers of granite countertop slabs seal the granite before it is fashioned into what it will ultimately be used for. One type of granite may be more porous than another type of granite. A general thought amongst proprietors in the industry is that sealing will not have to occur on a regular schedule.

Indicators emerge when resealing is called for, however. Keep an eye out for water beading—if it ceases or no longer happens—it is likely that a resealing is needed. Another widely spotted reason to have your granite counters resealed is if you place a glass upon it and a water ring is left behind. These are the two most blatant gauges of requisite resealing.

A little effort can go a long way though. Maintain and clean your granite counters frequently, taking care of spills or stains as they occur. If a spill occurs—even if it is just water—sop it up right away. Potential staining type spills or other such messes will help prevent some headache, money and difficulty down the road.

Other things that may concern you regarding your granite counters needn’t. Granite is heat resistant, place any super-hot pan or pot just off of the stove and no damage is done.

It all boils down to the type of granite you purchase—some types will never once require a resealing. Some will. Nonetheless, all of the fabricated granite from Minneapolis Granite is sealed during that very process, at the very least.

Always remember the simple water test. If it beads, no worries. If beading no longer occurs, your granite counters need to be resealed—this being a sign that the water is being absorbed into the counters themselves.

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