Granite Vanity Eagan

Granite Bathroom CountertopA granite vanity in your Eagan home is a wonderful addition. When you are remodeling your bathroom, you might be wondering what stone is durable but elegant. Granite is an excellent choice for home renovation projects, and a granite vanity is a beautiful choice for your new bathroom.

Granite is a long-lasting natural stone that comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns. A granite vanity is also a great choice for your home because:

  • It is stain, bacteria and burn resistant, which makes it ideal for bathrooms
  • It is easy to care for and maintain, which makes it ideal for busy people
  • It is durable and long-lasting, which makes it ideal for families of all shapes and sizes

There are plenty of other reasons you should choose a granite vanity. You are sure to find a slab that is unique because no two slabs of granite are exactly alike.

Plus, depending on the type of granite you choose, you might not even need to have it sealed. The professionals at Minneapolis Granite will know if your granite needs to be sealed, and we will take care of that before we install it in your home.

Besides that, all you need to do to keep a granite vanity clean is to wipe it with a damp cloth. You can use a mild soap if you want to, but even that is not always necessary. That’s how easy it is to care for your new granite vanity!

A Granite Vanity from Minneapolis Granite

Minneapolis Granite has been in this business for more than 100 years, and with good reason! Our customers know that when they come to us, they get reliable and expert fabrication and installation service. We deliver our products and services on time, and we work with you to stay within your budget.

So when you are remodeling your bathroom, give us a call! We can fabricate and install the perfect granite vanity for your new bathroom!

When you call us to learn more, we can come to your home to discuss your project with you. We will then give you a free estimate, so you know exactly how much to budget for and so there are no surprises. We value excellent customer service above all else, and we want to make sure you are fully happy with the end result!

Granite Vanity and More

For more information on how to get a granite vanity for your Eagan home, call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.