Granite vs. Quartz for Your New Bathroom Vanity

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bathroom vanity apple valley minneapolis graniteIf you are having a new bathroom vanity put into your Apple Valley home, you are probably trying to decide on which stone to choose. Two of the most popular stones these days are granite and quartz. Granite is a natural stone and quartz is a manufactured stone, but both of them offer the same benefits, especially when it comes to a new bathroom vanity.

Both granite and quartz are incredibly easy to care for. You do not need to buy any special cleaning products or disinfectants. You do not need to hire a special service to come in and clean these stones. And you do not have to worry that a tiny spill will cause a huge stain. All you have to do is use warm water and a soft cloth. If there is a particularly stubborn mark on your bathroom vanity that will not come off with water, then you can use a very mild and non-abrasive cleaner if you need to.

Granite and quartz are also excellent choices for a bathroom vanity thanks to their heat resistance. While we do not recommend that you leave a hot item on your vanity for long (like a curling iron or a running hair dryer), if these items touch your bathroom vanity, they will not cause scorch marks or any long-term damage.

Another perk of granite and quartz is the fact that both are resistant to bacteria. The fact that they will not harbor bacteria and germs makes them ideal for a room like a bathroom, where there can be a lot of bacteria and germs. As mentioned, you don’t have to disinfect either of these stones, and you will not have to worry that someone will get sick from an illness they caught from touching your bathroom vanity.

Finally, granite and quartz both come in a huge assortment of colors, styles and patterns. So if you are worried that you won’t be able to find the perfect bathroom vanity for your home, you shouldn’t be. You will easily be able to find the perfect color or style, and we will gladly help you find the exact stone, style and color you are looking for.

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