How to Accessorize Granite Counters in Your Kitchen

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So you just had granite counters installed in your kitchen! Congratulations on making a great investment that will bring you and your family decades of enjoyment. Now that you’ve had granite counters put in your Eden Prairie home, we have a few suggestions for you on how to best accessorize them so their natural beauty shines through.

The main thing you want to remember about granite counters in your kitchen is you don’t want to overdo it with your accessorizing. You definitely want to let the natural beauty of your new granite counters be the main focal point of your newly remodeled kitchen. Granite is such a lovely and unique stone that you don’t want to cover it up with too much that will detract from the counters.

You can start with your kitchen lighting. Lighting can really enhance your kitchen’s overall look. Make sure you choose lighting that will illuminate the entire room but will not overwhelm the kitchen decor.

Another great way to bring out the elegance of your granite counters is with a few plants or flowers. The best thing about having a vase or two of flowers on the counters or somewhere else in your kitchen is that you can change them up according to the season or according to the type of mood or tone you want to set in your kitchen. So if you are having a romantic dinner for two, you could set out some roses. But if you are having a few friends over for brunch, you could set out some daisies.

If you are also painting your kitchen during the remodeling process, keep in mind that certain colors have certain emotions associated with them. Green encourages calm and tranquility. Red encourages energy. Yellow is cheerful and peppy. Figure out what sort of tone you want to set with your new kitchen and use that to decide what color to paint the walls. Just be sure that the color you choose doesn’t clash with the colors in your new granite counters!

Of course, if you have any questions about granite counters and how they can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen, just give us a call!

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