How to Care for Granite Vanity Tops

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Minneapolis Granite specializes in fabricating and installing granite vanity tops in St Paul and the entire Twin Cities area. We know you want your new granite vanity to look great for as long as possible, so we wanted to offer a few suggestions on how to maintain and care for granite vanity tops and countertops.

The only cleaner you need for granite vanity tops is warm water. You can use water to clean your vanity, and you can use a soft white cloth to dry it off. That’s it! You will not need to buy a special cleaning product or disinfectant, and you will not have to worry about buying a special sponge or cloth for your new vanity either. You should also keep in mind that spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, and you should consider using a tray on top of any granite vanity tops that will store perfume, make-up and other similar items and toiletries. That way, if any of the bottles leak, your granite is protected and won’t get damaged.

You should keep in mind that granite is heat and burn resistant. That means the granite will not instantly burn and become damaged if something hot is placed on it, but it also means that the hot item cannot sit on the granite for a long period of time. You should use a hot pad under hot items, and make sure to turn off any hot appliances if you aren’t using them (for example, a straightening iron, hair dryer or curling iron).

Granite vanity tops are also not a good place to do art projects, so ask your family members to not use paint or glue around them. The paint and glue could damage the granite’s finish and dull the surface. The same rule applies even if newspaper or towels are laid down on top of the granite first. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are just a few of our helpful suggestions on how to get the most out of granite vanity tops. Just keep these tips in mind and your granite vanity could last you for decades to come, if not longer!

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