How to Prepare Your Home for Granite Counters

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You are all set. You have picked out the granite for your new kitchen counters. Minneapolis Granite will be over soon to install them. But what can you do to prepare for the installation process? Here are a few ideas. And when you need granite counters in St Paul or the surrounding area, give us a call!

Make Sure You’ve Ordered Everything

Sure, you ordered your granite counters and are happy with your selection. But make sure every other item you are having installed is there as well. For example, your new sink and faucets.

Remove Cabinet Drawers

On the day we are slated to arrive, make sure the top drawers of your cabinetry are taken out and put somewhere safe. And the lower drawers should be covered with old towels to help ensure the contents remain clean and safe during the granite counters installation process. And if you have anything fragile lying around the room, tuck those items away in a safe spot as well. Better safe than sorry!

Remove Other Obstacles

Make sure you remove furniture and other items that might be in between the door and your kitchen (or wherever the granite is being installed). If you take the time to do this, it could help move the installation process a little faster. Plus, it is a big help to the folks who are coming out to do the installation!

Make Sure You Are Available

We might have some questions for you while we are installing your granite counters. So make sure you are available to answer those questions in case any come up while we are working.

If you follow these hints, it should help make the installation process go a bit smoother.

For more information on granite counters in St Paul, call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

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