Quartz Countertops Endure the Test of Time

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Quartz countertops enhance the aesthetic of any kitchen that they could be placed in. They can be utilized as a means to make many different types of cabinetry, or any other sort of accenting or accessory pieces jump out. Minneapolis Granite fabricates and installs these quartz countertops in Plymouth and nearby kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor entertainment areas. Nearby residents have acquired these fine quartz countertops from us and we have plenty more! We would love for you to join our list of satisfied customers!

Quartz countertops are low maintenance countertops. Sealing is not something you will need to worry about, even upon installation. Quartz countertops do not fall prey to stains (be sure to wipe up as they spilling occurs, of course). Since they are made of engineered stone, the flaws within the stones themselves can be eliminated during the manufacturing process. All cracking susceptibility is eliminated at this point also.

No two quartz countertops will ever be exactly the same. Each is its own unique work of art unto itself, the patterns emerging within the fabrication process. You are guaranteed a timeless look without a twin, no matter what color of slab you end up choosing. Fabrication—93 % quartz, 7% chemical blend—makes for a very durable material that will form your countertops, defying time and blemish for many years to come. It is a great choice for families or for those people who like to spend a lot of time in their kitchen. Quartz countertops are so gritty that they could even endure being used as a cutting board! You will not really have to worry about what you place on top of these countertops either. There is no need to overly concern yourself with what you put on top of them either!

You can think outside of the box with quartz countertops. They are by no means restricted to the kitchen. Put quartz countertops to use in any room for any purpose! Bathrooms, bar tops, outdoor coffee tables, home theater arm rests, you name it, it can be made to act as any surface you need it to! With colors and styles that add up to an endless selection, why not act now?

If you have interest in acquiring quartz countertops for your Plymouth or nearby home, give us a call at Minneapolis Granite at (612) 822-3135, or contact us online. Click here to get a free estimate online.

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