Quartz Countertops Saint Paul

The kitchen provides you with a place to sit down, and discuss the events and goings on of the day. The kitchen is also where guests tend to gather during parties, so you want to be sure your kitchen looks great. One way to do this is by having beautiful quartz countertops in your Saint Paul-area home

Quartz: Engineered Perfection

Quartz is often called an “engineered stone,” but this does not mean it lacks the benefits of stones like granite, marble or other natural stones. Quartz has many of the same characteristics of natural stones. Additionally, the list of colors it comes in seemingly endless, so having quartz kitchen countertops will not impact the design style of your Saint Paul home.

Quartz: Plenty of Color Choices

The color choices for quartz are vast, and the surface itself is relatively easy to maintain. Its composition means the kitchen in your Saint Paul home has a surface resistant to scratches, dents, scuffs, burns and stains, is nonporous and can last for many years. When it comes to basic cleaning, quartz counters require only a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Why Rausch Granite?

At Rausch Granite, we would love to help you choose the quartz kitchen countertops that would work best for your Saint Paul home’s kitchen. After all, you want your home’s favorite gathering place to be beautiful and functional. We have a great selection of quartz kitchen countertop choices so we are sure to have something that will work with your design and budget. Contact us today at (612) 822-3135.