Natural & Other Stone Types

Minneapolis Granite- Minneapolis

Typically, there are four stone types that are used to identify our countertop options. They are comprised of Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous Stone and Man-Made.



Igneous stones are tough, forged beneath the earth’s surface. Usually they are formed when magma from a volcano hardens. The magma is penetrated by mineral gases and liquids, which forms new crystalline formations in a variety of colors.

  Granite Countertop Colors


Marble, Slate, Serpentine and Onyx

Metamorphic rocks are developed when one type of stone changes to another. This is caused by a mixture of heat, pressure and minerals. A number of changes can occur after the process is complete, including the development of a new crystalline formation, textures or colors.

  Marble Countertops


Limestone, Sandstone, Soapstone, Fossilstone and Travertine

When tiny particles of organic elements break off and collect in rock beds, those are called Sedimentary rocks. The tiny particles of glaciers, rivers, wind, oceans and plants that break off are fused together over millions of year of heat and pressure.

  Limestone Counters


Engineered Stone, Quartz, Terrazzo, Agglomerate and Faux Marble

Man-Made stones often have some component of natural stones in them, bonded with unnatural mixtures, like resin or cement. They are manufactured regularly, and not in short demand.

  Engineered Quartz Countertops