The Proper Cleaning of the Bathroom Vanity

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So you just had a new bathroom vanity installed in your St Paul area home. The novelty has not yet worn off and you find that you keep thinking about how to keep them looking this fresh and new for as long as you have them. The type of care your new bathroom vanity calls for is dependent upon the type of stone it’s made out of. Follow the suggestions found under each stone type mentioned below to learn how to care for that bathroom vanity as installed by the professionals at Minneapolis Granite!


Granite is a wonderful choice for the bathroom vanity thanks to its durability, its graceful look and its resistance to heat, burns and bacteria. To keep these granite vanities looking their best, wipe them down with a soft cloth and a little warm water every day. When a spill goes down, do the right and normal thing by wiping it up as soon as it occurs—especially if that which has spilt be a liquid of a darker color than the granite or if it is of an acidic nature. All of the granite that we provide is sealed during the fabrication process. As such, it is likely that you may never have to have that bathroom vanity sealed again (sometimes sealing comes down to the type of granite you are purchasing). If you are left unsure, try this simple test. Put a drop of water on top of your vanity. If the drop beads and stays until you wipe it away, your vanity does not need to be resealed. If that very same droplet absorbed into the countertop, then you will need to have the granite resealed. A resealing, if your counter falls in the category of needing it, should not be needed until a few years after it’s been installed.


Marble is thought of as a soft stone, certainly more so than granite. It certainly does make for a handsome bathroom vanity surface. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean it on a daily basis, also like its granite counterpart. Once wiped admirably with warm water, dry it off as efficiently as is possible. While there are some higher end cleaners available on the market that are designed specifically for marble, only go here if you feel that the suggestions above somehow do not cover your needs. Be ultra-careful in the application of these cleaners, following the instructions to a ‘T’. Before you make a direct application with a marble-specific cleaner, test it on a hidden or harmless area of the bathroom vanity.

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