The Right Granite Kitchen Counter

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Your granite kitchen counter must be the right and proper one for your home. A major bonus of choosing a granite kitchen counter is the ability to customize. There is quite a bit of flexibility in the color palette—black, white and all in between. The chance to match your home décor or starting from scratch with a whole new scheme are options for you. Browse our granite color selection online to start assembling a plan. In this blog, we’re going to try to help get your creative juices flowing.

Black Granite Countertops

Black countertops are both classic and dramatic. Easy to design a style around, a black kitchen counter gives you the opportunity to be bold with the other color schemes unfolding already within your home. Vibrant color combinations can help lighten the space, and show off your inner interior designer skills.

White Granite Countertops

A white granite kitchen counter is the obvious stark contrast to a black one. It reflects light, allowing for a brighter space. You can go for a contrasting look with white countertops, adding dark cabinets and other darker enhancements. Worried about stains on white countertops? No need! With the right care and sealing, nothing will set in to your new granite kitchen countertop.

Everything In Between

There is an huge selection in color and pattern. We boast reds, oranges, purples, beiges, greens, grays and blends of these color patterns. If you are a stylish sort, we have the color to match. Conservative styled? There is an option for you as well. Come over to our showroom to browse all of our color options.


A granite kitchen counter is known for its looks. No two slabs of granite are exactly alike, so you are guaranteed to have a unique look in your kitchen when you have a granite kitchen counter installed. The granite may be the same color as your parent’s granite kitchen counter, but they will not look alike at all!

Suggestions on choosing the right color or pattern:

  • Should you possess cabinets in a neutral shade like medium brown, look at beige, gray or white granite.
  • Are your cabinets cherry wood? It is advisable to seek Uba Tuba, Verde Peacock and Typhoon Bordeaux.
  • If your cabinets will be more of a dark brown shade, definitely look at granite kitchen counters that are more of a green shade.
  • Oak in a medium to light brown shade? Go for a contrast in color for an eye-popping look. Try Tan Brown or Silver.

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