Weather Considerations for your Outdoor Granite Countertops

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Are you looking to add some fancy to your outdoor grilling or entertainment area? Granite countertops step up the level of class in any kitchen, indoors or outdoors. They add a nature-inspired feel and a heightened level of elegance to the outdoor leisure areas.

There are some things to consider regarding your granite countertops placed within the great outdoors. While they do withstand heat and harsh weather well, it is not ideal to have them placed in areas exposed to sunlight. The surface temperatures of your granite countertops, in a sun-exposed scenario, will be very hot to the touch during the summer. Consider, if already existing, some sort of covering from above (awning, pergola or umbrella) to minimize their exposure to sunlight. If you are having new granite countertops installed, think of a set-up that will make for minimal sun exposure.

Distant covers will keep outdoor granite countertops in the shade, but it may be worth considering more direct covering (right on the surface) to prevent early onset weathering.  The effects of rain, hail, sun and other nuisances are accumulatory, over time the damage adds up to a gradual wear-down of the surface. The amount of time it takes your outdoor granite countertops to show signs of weathering is dependent upon the level of quality stone they are made of. The overall glean and polish of your granite countertops at purchase time will fade as they operate outdoors. Sealing does not protect the aesthetic (only defending the level of absorbency the countertop takes in). A resurfacing is all that would be needed to return your granite countertops to their original luster.

During the cold months of the year, minimize your granite countertops exposure to snow and other sorts of frozen precipitation. The annual cycle of freeze and thaw wreaks havoc on just about anything left outdoors. While granite countertops are not necessarily affected, if they are cut to fit items within them—grills or sinks—those items may go through a contraction and expansion process.

As a rule of thumb, operating under the expectation that any item of cost or value meant for use or permanent placement in an outdoor setting will go through wear-and-tear. It is worth considering the purchase of a thicker cut for your outdoor granite countertops. As the appearance begins to suffer, you will want to consider a resurfacing to bring out the look of your granite countertops at purchase and installation.

If you are considering outdoor granite countertops it may be within your interest to speak with one of our salesmen who can provide pointers on how to treat, set up and care for your new items. Are you interested in learning even more about granite countertops for your Brooklyn Park and/or Twin Cities area home? Call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

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