Where to Find the Best Granite

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Having granite kitchen countertops installed is a popular home remodeling project. And with good reason! They are incredibly durable, good-looking and resistant to stains, bacteria, heat and much more. But when you are thinking about getting new granite kitchen countertops in Eden Prairie, you might be wondering where you will go to pick out your granite. There are several different options, but your best bet would be to visit a granite showroom, like the one here at Minneapolis Granite. Here are a few reasons you should visit us when you need granite kitchen countertops fabricated and installed and when it’s time to select your granite slab.

One place to look for granite is your local big box store. While these stores are convenient and sell a huge variety of home improvement products, they are also usually limited in how much granite they have available for sale. Some might not have any granite for sale at all! You can go to one of these stores for granite kitchen countertops inspiration and ideas, but when it’s time to select your actual granite slab, you probably want to go somewhere with a wider variety and better prices.

We recommend that you visit a showroom like ours to browse our selection. At a granite showroom, you will find such a huge variety of granite for your granite kitchen countertops that you might not know where to begin! But this is yet another reason to visit us. Because all we sell is granite and other stone choices for countertops and more, all of our staff members are quite knowledgeable about granite and the varieties that are available. We can tell you more about each kind, and we can answer your questions about your new granite kitchen countertops.

While the sales staff at big box stores is usually very knowledgeable, the professionals here at Minneapolis Granite are fully trained and educated and know a great deal about granite and all of the benefits you can enjoy with your new granite kitchen countertops. Plus, we will usually have a wider selection of granite slabs for you to look at and choose from. And because we are granite experts, we can answer every question you have about granite kitchen countertops.

Do you want to learn more about granite kitchen countertops in Eden Prairie? Call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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