Why Buying ‘Boutique’ is Best for Granite Kitchen Counters

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As you begin the process of selecting your new kitchen countertops, you may be wondering where to go. Should you shop a big box store or get your granite kitchen counter at a smaller boutique business? There are several different options when it comes to a granite kitchen counter in Apple Valley, but your best bet would be to visit a granite showroom, like the one here at Minneapolis Granite. Here are a few reasons you should visit us when you need a granite kitchen countertop fabricated and installed. And, when it’s time to select your granite slab come to us for assistance throughout the entire process.

While the big box stores may seem convenient and sell a variety of home improvement products, they are usually limited in the selection of granite they have available for sale. After all, they don’t specialize in granite kitchen countertops or even countertops in general.

Apple Valley Granite Kitchen Counters

Did you know that there are hundreds of different types of granite available to you? Natural stone is a work of art that comes from all over the globe. At a big box store, you may only be presented with a few to choose from. Don’t you want to choose your new granite kitchen counter for yourself? Don’t allow the big box stores to decide what granite they think you want.

When it’s time to select your granite slab, you should go to someone who specializes in granite and can offer a variety of styles and price points. Don’t get stuck with a granite kitchen counter you don’t love at a price you don’t like. Come to the experts.

Do the big box stores measure, cut, polish and install your countertops? Absolutely not. If you sign a contract with a big box store, they will outsource the job to another 3rd party fabricator. Not so with Minneapolis Granite. We are professional fabricators and installers!

Using a “boutique” shop like ours to get your new granite kitchen counter means you will not be one of the dozens of kitchens put into production. Unlike the high volume production the big guys favor, we designate more time to spend with our customers to help them get the granite kitchen counters they want and deserve.

While the sales staff at big box stores is usually somewhat knowledgeable, the professionals here at Minneapolis Granite are fully trained and educated and know a great deal about granite and all of the benefits you can enjoy with your new granite kitchen counter.

Are you ready to learn more about a new granite kitchen counter for your Apple Valley home? Call Minneapolis Granite at 612-822-3135 or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

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