You’re So Vain, as is Your New Bathroom Vanity

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In recent years, the bathroom has become an extension of the regal elegance displayed throughout any home. A room once deemed as functional only has gotten an overall upgrade—so much more than just the room where the sink, tub/shower, and toilet are located—many being spacious enough to facilitate a tranquil and relaxing place to seek solitude.

Many homeowners have opted to install natural products like granite bathroom vanities in their Burnsville homes. A vanity must illustrate the overall vibe of your intended bathroom look while still serving as a functional space. It should not drown out the other aspects of the bathroom. It should however look good enough to earn its rightful place among the rest of the decorous elements.

Be mindful of the following with regard to your granite bathroom vanity:

  • Whose bathroom will it be? A family or shared bathroom? If so, a basic vanity suffices. In a family or child’s bathroom, aim for a vanity that can take a beating, is easy to clean and allows for room. Aim for something like a dual sink for a family bathroom or master bath.
  • Does it fit the space? If you have fallen for a particular granite bathroom vanity piece it does not necessarily mean that you will acquire the entire slab for this purpose. If you are certain that is the piece for your bathroom vanity, talk to one of the professionals in our showroom and ask what they recommend to get it best set up for your bathroom of choice.
  • Bathroom vanities are extensions of the cabinets themselves. Bathroom vanities—often utilized as the prime location for the application and usage of makeup, hair and skin products, styling irons and damp cloths—take a beating. A material such as granite is a great choice for being able to sustain such treatment. Just wipe the stains away!
  • Natural materials such as granite or marble need to be resealed from time to time in order to look great. The variety of activities that occur in the bathroom will cause a bathroom vanity to lose its elegance and clean look. Make sure you stay on top of sealings as they are needed. This will maintain your granite bathroom vanity for decades to come.

Selecting bathroom vanities is one of the more enjoyable shopping trips you can make in honor of your home. There are many material choices, a veritable bevy of colors and a virtually limitless list of design choices.

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